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642 things to write about me pdf

Before using the journal, I'd never paid much attention to my state bird or state flower. The people around you that offer the love and support to keep you going, are people you should always cherish.

Softness is not a weakness! This item is no longer available. Jason Roberts introduces the journal and at the very end he says this: "engage with them randomly, methodically, or in the order they catch your mind's eye and spark introspection. I'm not one for spoilers, but I want to show you how incredibly amazing and provocative these are. However, the prompts are so good that I can't stop writing in it and I have to limit myself! But through it all, a relationship is a two way street and someone you should geuninely enjoy. Here are some examples of the prompts found in " Things to Write about Me": Write about a time when you taught someone how to do something new Write about someone you feel like you should love, but you don't If you were attending a potluck dinner, what dish would you take along? Before using the journal, I'd never paid much attention to my state bird or state flower. They get you thinking about your life: the past, the present, the future, all of it. Every single one is about you. This is not a valid email, please try again. Express shipping: will ship the same day and arrive 1 business day later. With prompts, I could start at the beginning of the book and decide to write one a day in order, which would be a wonderful way to ensure daily writing practice. Write a snapshot of your future Write about an evening at your home from the perspective of your cat Each prompt is followed by empty space with lines for writing in this journal.

I am sure there are more life lessons, but this is all I can think of thus far. Vulnerability and being soft are not flaws, nor are they a weakness. As humans we are everchanging, we are growing. Not everyone wants to explore their own mind or enjoys spilling their souls into the pages of a journal, but for those who do, this book might become a meditative daily ritual—and something you'll want to hold on to once it's complete to look back on in the years to come.

I've barely gone a day without writing in it since I bought it last month!

642 things to write about me section

I have always believed in living life in raw vulnerability, it does not matter which aspect. These prompts are at times inspiring, funny, unusual, and soul-searching. And I hope by doing so, I create a long lasting impact on his or her life.

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If you are in high school, oh child, you are just beginning your life. Oh my God. Love with all your heart, and when you are lucky enough to find it, fight for it!

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Things to Write About Me by The San Francisco Writers' Grotto