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In section I, Peyton Farquhar is standing on a railroad bridge, twenty feet above the water.

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They issued an order that anyone who interferes with their attempts to fix the railroad and bridges along their path will be hanged. Farquhar is not in the army because of personality issues, but he is determined to support the Confederate cause by any means necessary.

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Part 2 opens with the narrator introducing Peyton Farquhar, a wealthy Alabamian slave owner. He believes that the rope has broken and that he is now at the bottom of the stream. As he looked behind him, he saw all the soldiers pointing in his direction. With a nod of the captain's head, the hanging begins. Plot[ edit ] Peyton Farquhar, a civilian and plantation owner, is being prepared for execution by hanging from an Alabama railroad bridge during the American Civil War. Through no real conscious effort, he frees his hands from the rope, takes off the noose, and swims for the surface. We know of the officers who are there and the fashion by which they will hang him. Copy to Clipboard. The man to be executed is a civilian dressed in the clothes of a plantation owner, and his executioners are Federal Union soldiers. Then, step-by-step, he regains his senses and his feelings, accompanied by frantic activity to escape his bonds.

He is positioned on loose planks that have been laid over the crossties of the train tracks to create a makeshift platform. Farquhar believes they will next fire a spray of grapeshot from the cannon, instead of a single ball, and he will have to anticipate the firing.

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He quickly removes a piece of metal that sticks in his neck. His face was not covered, so the man looked into the river wishing he could dive in and swim home to his wife and children. Paragraph six is the complete foreshadowing for Chapter three.

The sound turns out to be the ticking of his watch. He continued to swim when a cannon ball was fired causing a great swell in the water. Nevertheless, his execution is imminent.

He is awakened by currents of pain running through his body.

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He quickly removes a piece of metal that sticks in his neck. Farquhar's fantasy demonstrates the danger of having illusions about war, because war is not a love story that ends with running to one's wife's arms; it has ruthless and pitiless punishment. His hands are tied behind his back, and there's a noose around his neck. He seems to be living out his last wish—to somehow free himself and get back to his wife—but that escape is accompanied by constant pain. As he does so, he notes how strange and surreal the landscape is. Six military men and a company of infantrymen are present, guarding the bridge and carrying out the sentence. The ticking watch enhances the idea that death is coming for Farquhar no matter what he does to avoid it. We know this because his family was "old and highly-respected" and he was a slave …show more content… The structure of this story is interesting. In other words, everything beyond the hanging was just a dream. This story was about a man named Peyton Farquhar. As he thinks about such an escape, the sergeant steps away. A Union stockade stands on the far side of the stream, with a row of soldiers in front of it, standing at parade rest. He starts to lose consciousness as he experiences great pain throughout his body. The moment of horror that the readers experience at the end of the piece, when they realize that he dies, reflects the distortion of reality that Farquhar encounters.

Then silence and darkness engulf him. Celebrating his escape, Farquhar hurries toward home, traveling all day through a wild forest straight out of a horror movie.

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