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Advertisement: This film provides examples of: Abhorrent Admirer : Derek's sister notices Seth trying to upskirt her with his camera and Also an example of Evil Is Petty.

Derek has no communication with any members of these macho black guys. By contrast, the Aryan Brotherhood are presented as straw hypocrites. This makes him even worse as it shows just how much power he has on these impressionable, misunderstood kids. Gangsta Style : Deconstructed.

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That is probably why Danny can change his mind and throw away all the Nazism posters and stickers immediately at the end of the film. Derek is the villain as much as he is the hero and the audience hates him as much as they cheer for him. In the end, Norton's an actor, and a very, very good one: He makes it look easy. Deliberately Monochrome : The flashbacks to Derek's past are all monochrome. Please feel free to leave a comment. American History X introduces almost the entire community as cruel Neo-Nazi cult members. They were tailor-made for burgeoning cine-literate—and perhaps working-class—boys like myself, making their way beyond the Francis Ford Coppolas and Martin Scorseses of this world. The Illegal : The focus of some of Derek's rants and at least one raid. When in jail, he received just as brutal of a treatment from his fellow white inmates, which caused him to gradually change his beliefs and finally recognize interracial hatred as meaningless baggage and a waste of time… Now that he is set free again, he finds his younger brother all skin-headed, immigrant-hating and an avid supporter of the former cause, which awakens Derek even further and forces him to realise the hidden-up-until-now and extremely dangerous consequences of his very wrong actions. And it didn't make me feel any different. Earlier, Derek also dismisses them as a bunch of disorganized idiots and claims to have higher standards.

Sweeney actually successively hated white people, then all of society and finally God for all the bad things he saw happen to black people under a racist system. His actions as a skinhead range from genuinely homicidal to purely childish : stomping a black man's skull, choking his sister by shoving meat down her throat, pouring milk on a nonwhite woman's face to "turn her into a white person" Sweeney, whose role is to challenge Derek and Danny to grow beyond their origins, not to "save" them per se.

Even the dialogue of American History X leads viewers into believing that communities of America are corrupt and filled with foul speakers.

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What they fail to express is that, in reality, racism is handled much better. Derek himself had up to that point resisted racism and admired his black teacher.

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He's a fat racist, which makes him an Acceptable Targetbut you wonder why he sticks around. That ludicrous basketball scene got my teenage self pumped, for a brief moment, at the thought of prioritizing a fitness routine, of getting into shape, of going about things with the same kind of militant edge that Derek Vinyard does—without the racism, without the violence, without the fucking Swastika on my chest.

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Leading the viewer to believe that the white majority of America is a cruel and ugly people. They later rape him to teach him a lesson. They're the directors to whom you'd pay lip service while feasting daily on the quicker, more addictive, less challenging fix of It is interesting to note that the film has to show everything from a white perspective, and more importantly, from the point of view of a young man who has been wronged, if it wants to succeed in teaching us the wrong doings of racism. While visiting Derek in prison, he admits that he knows that place all too well. And everybody should. When sent out of the room, he complains that he's hungry. Robert Sweeney, who is willing to fight for the Vinyard brothers, in whom he sees echoes of his younger self. Deliberately Monochrome : The flashbacks to Derek's past are all monochrome. But it also wants to ensure that, at no point, is its white male protagonist truly detestable.
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American History X: A Racist Film About Racism