An analysis of logistics as designing and managing of a system

what is logistics system

Maintainability should be a designed-in capability and not an add-on option because good maintenance procedures cannot overcome poor system and equipment maintainability design. Consequently, supportability should be a high priority early in the program's planning and integral to the system design and development process.

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Logistics system design

Shen affirms that in order to achieve important costs savings, many companies have realized that the generic SC should be optimized as a whole, i. Consequently, system reliability should be a primary focus during design along with system technical performance, functions, and capabilities. European Journal of Operational Research , 1— Section 3 presents and describes the conceptual framework proposed by the authors for providing an effective solutions to the PDSD problem. Google Scholar Baligh, H. Department of Defense DoD. Google Scholar Sodhi, S. Google Scholar Malone, T. Second K. Emphasis should be on balancing the maintenance requirement over the life cycle with minimal user workload. Google Scholar Van Parunak, H. Review of the literature In recent years hundreds of studies have been carried out on various logistics topics, e. Even though several studies have proposed innovative models and methods to support logistic decision making concerning what to produce, where, when, how, and for which customer, etc. Supply chain business processes are integrated with functional entities and management components that are common elements across all supply chains SCs and determine how they are managed and structured. Operations Research, 36 3 , —

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System Design for Supply Chain Management and Logistics