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It should stand out on any page because of distinctive characteristics such as a larger font, different color or contrasting background. If you wish to keep your online privacy policy simple, you may include a clear and prominent link in the privacy policy to the complete list of operators, as opposed to listing every operator in the policy itself.

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Therefore, you should examine your information collection practices to determine whether you are collecting information from children that is now considered personal under the Rule, and that now may require you to notify parents and obtain their consent.

This is no different. There are plenty of alternatives to Facebook and other social networks that are set up for adults.

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Industry, parents and children need to understand how to protect their information from a safety perspective and from exploitation. In addition, certain federal agencies, such as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Department of Transportation, are responsible for handling COPPA compliance for the specific industries they regulate.

As the operator of a child-directed app, you must conduct an inquiry into the information collection practices of every third party that can collect information via your app.

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Such a system could provide more certainty for you. The implementation, however, can be daunting," Godbey noted. Jarvis, Steve. Second, carefully review your information practices and your online privacy policy. But the law also affects general interest sites that collect information from children, whether the site's operators intend to do so or not. The method used by a certain Web site depends on the type of information collected from children and the way it is used. COPPA applies to personal information collected online by operators of both websites and online services. At what point in the download process should I send parents my direct notice? I have an app directed to children. Marks, Antony, and Keith Klein. Under the second scenario, whether a particular individual can obtain actual knowledge on behalf of your business depends on the facts. Although geolocation information is now a stand-alone category within the definition of personal information, the Commission has made clear that this was simply a clarification of the Rule.

Therefore, you may not simply link to a separate online notice. Rogers, Monica.

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What information must I include in my online privacy policy?

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Complying with COPPA: Frequently Asked Questions