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It promotes holistic and accepting thought and behavior, and claims no absolute truth.

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The Chinese can see this as crass and boastful, while in the United States, humility can be regarded as a sign of weakness.

Hopefully you will also be more understanding of the culture of the people of China, especially if you come to visit yourself.

Chinese thinking vs western thinking

Modern Influences 2 and 3: Capitalism and Consumerism While the modern influences of capitalism and consumerism are shared the world over, established thought processes in China and the West have produced differing responses and tensions in modern society. Self: Individualism vs Collectivism The Chinese look more at the group collective than at individualism. Americans, on the other hand, expect their offspring to be independent. Basically Westerners seem always to have been individualistic externalists, whereas the Chinese seem always to have been society-favoring internalists. What Is Collectivism? Many families live with several generations under one roof. This translates into business, where the Chinese will try to forge relationships and connections, known as guanxi. Even though Americans like to place people in context in the search for common ground, small talk about age, income and marital status, all favoured by the Chinese, can feel intrusive and overly personal to an American. In the West, the indulgence of consumerism goes against the moral and rational virtues of simplicity and prudence, humility and frugality. Business in the United States moves at a different pace from China. Lack of Personal Space With China being so densely populated, most Chinese are used to cramped living spaces and crammed transportation.

Most Americans in the fast business world consider humility a sign of weakness. A friend in China is someone to whom you feel deeply obligated and for whom you will do favors when necessary. Hierarchy is important to the Chinese and respect will be shown to those higher up in the structure.

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Instead chopsticks are used and bowls are picked up off the table. The Western society believes in individualism, whereas the Chinese culture has faith in collectivism and fundamental connections with others.

Isolated, hostile geography may have contributed to insular thinking, and accessible geography may have promoted more individual and externalized thinking.

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Differences VS Similarities Between Chinese And Western Cultures, Illustrated