Classical and human relations approaches management essay

As a consequence, they have to be threatened using disciplinary actions before they work hard and also they have to be controlled.

He or she is interested in focusing on meeting security needs.

human relations approach and contingency theories

Bureaucracy theories This category of theory founded by Max Weber believing that it is more rational and efficient than its predecessors, it makes use of stated rules and regulations, procedures, patterns and processes formulated to minimize the complex functions of the organization, this theory believes that a group of people arranged into a hierarchical structure, governed by a rational legal decision making rule are ideal to run an organization effectively.

With the application of scientific theory management, a payment system that unifies capital and labor is developed, taking into considerations the effectiveness of the employees output in carrying out tasks and its productivity.

Maslow's study of self-actualization: A reinterpretation. Contingency theory is a viewpoint arguing that appropriate managerial action depends on the particular parameters of a whole Bartol et al, Stockholm: Sv. The human relations movement developed from research done by early behaviourists, such as Hugo Munsterberg, Mary Parker Follett and Elton Mayo Bartol et al, Growth needs do not sprout from a deficit in something, but it flourishes from the desire to advance, once growth needs are satisfied reasonably, an individual would be able to reach self actualization which is the highest level in the pyramid hierarchy, every individual has the drive to advance upward to attain self actualization which is at the top of the hierarchy, unfortunately most progress are delayed by not meeting up the lower levels, which causes fluctuation between levels in the pyramid, therefore, everyone cannot move in unity through the hierarchy, but move in between the different needs back and forth.

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