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But in reality he gets less than the more expectation. Review their Supervisors and Managers In this method, they collect information about any employee from his or her boss or supervisors or top level managers in same department. If you become an icon, you will be part of an exclusive, select group of highly valued and well taken care of clients, to whom we provide a variety of exclusive lifestyle facilities and events. As a result, the methods which are followed by Banglalink for performance appraisal have some advantages and disadvantages as well. They provide mini-vans, so that the employees can avoid any kind transportation problem. Beside these, they can identify which part they should concentrate on. P a g e 19 Advantage and disadvantage of methods Everything has two sides. Different kinds of program invitation only for Icon subscribers. Organization or icon department can make a monthly survey of employee motivation, satisfaction and dissatisfaction level. Then the PM system becomes stronger. The report also does not cover elaborately their HR planning because every company has its own secret workforce planning recipe.

This reduces leniency errors. Without his help we will not be to move forward with this project. Page 9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Sources The two recruitment processes that are push and pull, have different advantages and disadvantages.

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E-mail Always stays connected with easy access to e-mail in our handset. It has been noted that determining the relationship between individual job performance and organizational performance can be a difficult task.

Give appropriate reason for why the organization does not give an employee the promotion.

The procedure has been shown as follows. Managing employee or system performance and aligning their objectives facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals. After informing our course instructor she approved our proposal and we started working on it. Class room lecture:This is more general types of training. Any shortcomings are expected to have a kind view for our encouragement. Disadvantage: 1 This is very much time-consuming. So, like all the ideal companies Banglalink has its own HR department to meet all the standards among its employees. Merit Increment When a new employee joins in Banglalink the company provides them with some particular job according to their merit or ability. As job needs or demands change day by day, employee skills have to change accordingly. This is the objective setting program. Conclusion HR management activities are very important for an organization to manage their employees in a disciplined way. Beside these, this new employee can get help at any time from this assigned buddy.

The duration of the program is whole working day with a lunch break. Scope and limitation This report will help to learn the practical procedures followed by the leading organizations. One way is PAs can often lead to giving individual workers feedback about their job performance.

This process is very useful for gathering knowledge about various departmental functions. The interview board consists of a recruitment team and higher level official from the department. They are described below. Performance Bonus Performance bonus is a crucial part of compensation. There were times in the course of preparing this report when things were tough and future seemed dark. Now we discuss some of the methods- On-the-job Training: In this method, employees are trained through performing their task. The candidates have to go through a face to face and a sequential interview. It could not have been possible to write it without the immense help of all the group members so we all have a great deal of gratitude towards each other. Following chart provided by Banglalink itself- APWJBISC cur a e r c e a k g r o rdsoeunt e h nn id n ivarItg n e n v q e u s t i g tednmai s tn i i t d o i n trPiaCo n uh d lo etlnPvoa ns h e dy s i c a l nirgeTaA ee p p s p p t l r tsqneio c vu a a i n l terw se emJ e seno t tnb to f e r Banglalink follows a fixed selection procedure for both permanent and contractual candidates.

In this case the company gives their employees merit increment. Disadvantages of Pull Recruitment Sources 1 As they are brought by giving better offers than their previous companies, they might not be as much loyal as the other employees.

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If the employee shortfalls the time, he or she must go through a lengthy process, like submitting resignation to the immediate superior, after taking his sign submitting it to the HR Operations, then inputting it to the database etc. The disadvantage of pre-employment medical test is sample collection procedure where a jobseekers are likely to feel desecration of their secrecy.

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