Consumer perception about recent online purchase

In another study, Jarvenpaa et al. Many companies have started using the Internet with the aim of cutting marketing costs, thereby reducing the price of their products and services in order to stay ahead in highly competitive markets.

Although studies have indicated differences in their researches with regards to online purchasing and generation, it can generally be summed that the highest percentage of online shopping is done either by Generation X or Y with Baby Boomers being the lowest.

The internet also allows consumers to access an unlimited range of products and services from companies around the world, and it has reduced the time and effort consumers spend on shopping Ko et al.

Principal advantages are convenience, speed, accessibility, timeliness and cost effectiveness.

research paper on consumer perception

According to Guptathere are many online shopping websites such as EBay, yebhi. In addition to online buyers, many offline stores have begun to sell their products in the online marketplace.

Customers use the Internet not only to buy the product online, but also to compare prices, product features and after sale service facilities they will receive if they purchase the product from a particular store. Shopping online is risky. The latter also contributes to customer loyalty. Schubert and Selz examined the quality factors of electronic commerce sites in terms of information, agreement and settlement phases.

It has also been found that the different experiences and preferences of various generational cohorts can result in differences in purchasing behavior and the level of buyer involvement for distinct types of products Parment, The Study was conducted among the Internet users.

Other discriminating factors were; control over, and convenience of, the shopping process, affordability of merchandise, customer service and ease of use of the shopping site.

Consumer perception about recent online purchase

Secondly, when the search for the product was taken into consideration, older consumers were more likely to purchase once they had searched for the item online. Many of them have started to depend on internet to satisfy their shopping desires. The research conducted by Sorce, Perotti and Widrick revealed two interesting findings which must given voice here. Thus, the online retailing raises more issues than the benefits it currently offers. To study the impact of traditional retailer over the online retailer. The specific objectives of this research are: 1. Parment asserted that Baby Boomers in Sweden showed a higher degree of involvement for grocery product and paid more attention to optimizing purchase decision especially on clothes for example by avoiding poor quality of clothing and by making sure different elements of the wardrobe fit together as compared to Generation Y. Shopping online is risky.
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