Egg lab homeostasis

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You may not redistribute it. Did the dialysis tube gain water or lose water? Do not make copies or email it to your colleagues.

Egg lab homeostasis

Then, students should generate a list of conditions under which to test the egg whites. If the egg decreased in size, as was probably the case with the molasses and the corn syrup, then water must have moved out of the egg through the membrane. Downloaded from You Tube.

Osmosis egg experiment results

Record the initial pH. It is ok if all the shell is not removed, as long as the majority of the shell is removed. Cover the egg and leave it for 24 hours. Experimental Variations Simple variations can be made to the experiment to make it more interesting. You also have learned that the water molecules, not bound to a dissolved substance such as sugar or salt, move from a hypotonic solution toward a hypertonic solution until an isotonic balance is reached both in and out of the cell. Demonstrating osmosis in both directions, diffusion of water into the egg and then out of the egg, will require an additional 24 hours, for a total of four days. Dump the old vinegar and cover your now-squashy egg with fresh vinegar.

As the egg sits in the vinegar, the shell is slowly dissolving away, producing a "de-shelled" egg. The percent concentration of both fluids is different.

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Implementation: Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards NGSSthis lab incorporates macromolecules proteinshomeostasis, and scientific method controlled experimentation.

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Cell Homeostasis: Osmosis