English it s position in the global

Competitive pressure. Experts on the English language like David Crystal, author of "English as a Global Language," say the world has changed so drastically that history is no longer a guide.

english as a global language assignment pdf

For instance, each week some managers would submit their business reports, and he would reply to each of them pushing them to develop their language skills. It is the common language in almost every endeavor, from science to air traffic control to the global jihad, where it is apparently the means of communication between speakers of Arabic and other languages.

english as a global language pdf

Regularisation of irregular forms also slowly continues e. Such feelings are common when companies merely announce the new policy and offer language classes rather than implement the shift in a systematic way. Even the short-term windfall advantages came with a moral hazard.

No amount of warning and preparation can entirely prevent the psychological blow to employees when proposed change becomes reality. Companies can anticipate and plan for inevitable challenges and resistance when adopting an English-only policy.

It is time to go to bed. It dispenses completely with noun genders hence, no dithering between le plume or la plume, or between el mano or la manoand often dispenses with the article completely e.

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The History of English