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The Muslim League boycotted the Assembly when it began, and following the partition, a large chunk of the League members, elected from the Muslim-majority provinces, left for Pakistan. A political scientist has to depend upon the data relating to political life.

The percentage of the Indian citizens who fulfill this obligation ranges between 40 to 45 per cent.

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Work is divided between various ministers into various departments and ministries. Gupta of Hindu College while preparing the manuscript. Thomas Buckle had the firm conviction that the geographical and physical conditions are responsible for the character and institutions of the state. What the State Ought to be: Political science discusses the politico- ethical aspects of what the state ought to be. Casteism is more evident now. Her popularity can very well be ascertained by the fact that she was elected as the Chief Minister of the state for five terms. Thus behind every economic system there is a corresponding political institution.

They are theoretical politics and applied politics. Another foundational principle is that rule of the majority shall prevail, this majority to be expressed by the citizens either through direct voting or through their elected representatives.

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We need educated, sincere and hard working politicians who work for the betterment of our country and not for their personal good. But there is no ethic for a physical scientist.

But all these suggestions are rather theoretical.

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History answers our questions with regard to the origin and growth of the state and other political institutions. Bluntschli is of the view that political science attempts to understand the state in its fundamental conditions. Here is a brief about these parliamentary houses: Lok Sabha There are a total of members in the Lok Sabha. The Experimental Method: The experimental methods are very useful for all science, be it natural or social science. As a result regionalism, communalism and sectarianism have evolved unfortunately along with a tendency of intolerance. The leaders in a democracy indulge in unscrupulous activities in order to come into power and remain in power once they have got it. It is for this reason that Aristotle devotes considerable portion of his book Politics to economics. Public finance is a subject which falls within both political science and economics. The Union cabinet is a smaller body of ministers which lies within the Council of Ministers, which is the most powerful set of people in the country, playing an instrumental role in legislation and execution alike. A scientist in this branch of study observes the facts of political life, systematises and classifies them. Political Science and Sociology: While political science is the science of the state, sociology is the science of the society. Main article: State governments of India India has a federal form of government, and hence each state also has its own government.
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