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ethics vs morals philosophy

The basic argument A against abortion with no outside stipulations is something along the lines of: 1 The fetus is a person and every person has a right to life. For example, religion includes stories about events in the past, usually about supernatural beings, that are used to explain or justify the behavior that it prohibits or requires.

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But another interesting class of moral skeptics includes those who think that we should only abandon the narrower category of the moral—partly because of the notion of a code that is central to that category.

Our sense of equality revolts at such an idea. It is worth noting that hypocrisy is, for Mill, not only a possibility, but—given the present sorry state of moral education—virtually unavoidable. I will demonstrate that virtue ethics is preferable because i it does not require a comprehension of problematic abstract concepts, and because ii it is sensitive to circumstantial variation.

There is also the moral point of view. Mill 12 himself explicitly defines morality as the rules and precepts for human conduct, by the observance of which [a happy existence] might be, to the greatest extent possible, secured.

Morals come from within. What we "ought" to do. Dworkin eds. Morals, themselves, are the practice of this knowledge.

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I then asked people to explain their responses.

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Moral Philosophy Essay