Freuds essay on the moses of michelangelo

What has not been understood has been inaccurately perceived and reproduced. In giving way to his rage and indignation, he had to neglect the Tables, and the hand which upheld them was withdrawn.

London: Hogarth Press. There is very little indication that he felt insecure about his convictions though he pays a nominal stipend at the end of the paper to express his modesty concerning his hypothesis.

Freuds essay on the moses of michelangelo

If anything, Moses is awestruck. He wrote his essay in a few days at the end of He carries a tablet under his arm, not a weapon or a fist.

Further, Freud goes on in a Platonic condescending mode to characterize the Hebrews as a mob, a mob easily led astray, a mob lacking in conviction and faith, a mob impatient with both Moses and his God, a mob entranced by illusory idols. The two protrusions on the head would have been invisible to the viewer looking up from the floor below — the only thing that would have been seen was the light reflected off of them.

So, it was the details of the statue that had been neglected or distorted in descriptions, the "rubbish heap, as it were of our observations" b, p.

why did michelangelo carve the huge statue of moses

In he added an afterword reaffirming his interpretation. When he came down from Mount SinaiMoses found his people worshipping the Golden Calf - the false idol they had made. On this presumption, the objective of art or historical or psychotherapeutic interpretation is to presume the role of an omniscient god capable of travelling anywhere in the interior mental universe.

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"Moses of Michelangelo, The"