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Continuity or Flow connection: Is the way that letters tie between each other in one word. Through order, we study the general organization of the text that is written on the page. Shape is the structure per se of each and one of the letters in the writing round, angled.

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Direction of lines Generally speaking, being able to keep a straight-on-the line handwriting — without being supported by a line below — is, first of all, a sign of good health and sufficient physical strength. The shape that letters take in a writing reflect appearance, modals, the way the individual conducts himself, whether he does it softly or intensively, with reservation or expansion, nicely or not nicely, the culture and lifestyle. And no, it's not always the most flattering information. The process of professional, forensic handwriting analysis is all about thoroughness. Which makes sense, doesn't it? Graphology: Slant Graphology Handwriting Analysis. Each one of these gestures or graphical aspects will reveal different traits of the writer. This page has the following sub pages. Large line spacing can be determined by finding out how many lines will fit into a page. Mickey Mantle's known signature is on top; the FBI determined that the bottom two signatures are forgeries.

With time and evolution, learned calligraphic shapes must start to mutate to self, personal shapes. Vertical writing indicates a high degree of self-control.

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The process of professional, forensic handwriting analysis is all about thoroughness. Also whether the individual approaches or withdraws from others.

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