How to write agile test strategy document

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Test planning activities guides team to define Test coverage and testing scope. Where to log in, how to log new defects, what should be the defect status, who should do defect triage, whom to assign defects after triage etc. James Bach has more discussion on this topic here. The possibility of missing any test activity is very low when there is a proper test strategy in place. For performance, load and security testing describe the test approach and tools required. Automated acceptance tests are usually written in Gherkin language and executed using a BDD tool such as cucumber. I'm sure developing a good test strategy plan and committing to follow it will definitely improve the testing process and quality of the software. Step 4 — Testing Tools: Define test management and automation tools required for test execution. Hope this will clear all your doubts. You surely know the format and content of those documents, and as you say it is a heavy and time consuming task to develop all those documents. For example, some organization include test strategy facts in Test Plan itself while some organization includes strategy as a subsection within the testing plan. You should tailor the document in accordance with your business domain, stakeholder requirements and expectations. If you dont work in a regulatory domain that might be enough documentation to show what was acomplished during teting. Testing strategy plan must have conversed with the entire team so that the team will be consistent on approach and responsibilities. Try modelling or diagramming your strategy.

Testing strategy plan must be discussed with the whole team so that the team will be consistent with approach and responsibilities. It helps test managers to get the clear state of the project at any point.

It initiates your thought process which helps to discover many missing requirements. Always ensure that their document is compatible and adds value to your software development before following the template.

How to write agile test strategy document

Read more:. Still the testing must be done but with minimum documentation effort. And you might also consider a lightweight test policy or mission statement. Scenarios valid, invalid and edge cases should be thought of QA can add huge value here by thinking abstractly about the story and written down in feature files. Test strategy document should be circulated to entire testing team before the testing activities begin. A different organization has their unique processes and standards to manage these documents. Backup and restore process should define who will take backups when to take a backup, what to include in backup when to restore the database, who will restore it and data masking steps to be followed if the database is restored. Generally, it doesn't matter which comes first. Read more on RTM here.. To summarize test plan is a vision of what you want to achieve and test strategy is an action plan designed to achieve this vision! I know teams who write strategy document but never refer it back while test execution. Some organizations list strategy as a subsection in a testing plan but details are separated out in different test strategy document. Regression Testing Not expecting to find many defects. With the right tool this can be automatically pulled.

And you might also consider a lightweight test policy or mission statement. You can follow the same process which worked for you in your previous test cycles. Step 6 — Risk Analysis: List all risks that you envision. Remember: Not all tests need to be automated!

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How to Write Test Strategy Document (with Sample Test Strategy Template)