Industrial age to knowledge age

Dr Gilbert argues that the current industrial age model of education, which works like a production line, using traditional academic subjects to sort people according to their likely place in the job market, is now redundant.

social and cultural changes in the 21st century

Therein lies the challenge. In a competitive market those that choose to know more about their ever-changing marketplace and take Action will win. Most children remain marginalized by the very education system that is meant to create social justice and equality because all students are assessed based on Standard Written English SWE.

It was also the birth of the middle classes.

the knowledge age

Computers continued to become smaller and more powerful, to the point where they could be carried. For this reason, there are several internal policies. This ranges from the approach to teaching and learning to the organizational and leadership structures of my school.

Parents are encouraged to meet teachers and discuss issues affecting their children. In an attempt to show mastery of content, students simply cram classwork and never appreciate the role of learning and teaching in their future lives. The book argues that our current education system is set up to serve industrial age, not knowledge age, needs.

what comes after the information age

Communications around the globe are now instantaneous through a multitude of channels with access to information on any subject only one click of a button away. In conclusion, there are numerous challenges that have emerged against the backdrop of transition from an industrial age to a knowledge age.

Magnetic-core memory was developed from the research of Frederick W.

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From The Industrial Age To The Information Age: Where Have All The Factories Gone?