Industrial tour report

one day industrial visit report

Thus in a nutshell, the merchandising section is a very important part of the company and its efficient functional is a must for the smooth working of the organization. They never failed achieving production target.

The authorit y uses the following training methods to train their employee s- 1 Job Rotation 2 Simulation exercise 3 Classroom lecture 4 E-learning on e-campus The authority uses the following performance appraisal methods to appraise the employee performance —MBO Management By Objectives Reward System Their basic payment is on the basis of performance, experience, position and academic experience.

Siddique chowdhory started briefing. So the workers try to stay the company as possible as. A part from this, they have future plan to be more sociall y responsible.

It was certainly a great opportunity for us to work on this real life project to actualize our theoretical knowledge in the practical arena and some more which is out of this theory.

Basicall y, they select the media on the basis of media impact. Job satisfaction: Workers are satisfied to their job as they get smart salary, good working environment and security.

Industrial tour report

In addition, list features on the premises that secure the well-being and physical safety of employees and customers. But hardly any updated data could be found. Cooling and Final Grinding 6. List the types of safety equipment in place, such as fire detection alarms and devices and carbon monoxide detectors. Industry visits broaden the outlook of students with exposure to different workforces from different industries. Kiln Phase 5. It became indispensable part of development activities in the industrial, commercial, rural infrastructure building or in the communication sector globally. Place Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd has two factories of their own. There have been used some photo capture at factory and Microsoft office application to prepare this report. Apart from these, the delivery activit y of the departm ent is excellent. After meeting they served us some snacks.

Then all qualified products are sent to lot pass department hourly.

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