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When all your user templates are placed in subfolders, the subfolder names are shown below the factory collections. By default, the existing project folder and subfolders are used, if present, and any additional subfolders needed for project assets are created.

As in earlier Logic Pro versions, assets can be referenced from a location outside the project, letting you access media files without copying or moving them into the project.

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You start working in Logic Pro by creating a projector opening an existing project. When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can save a project as either a package or a project folder containing the project file and subfolders for assets used in the project including audio files, impulse responses, sample instruments, samples, and Ultrabeat samples.

It requires a free account on Github. Git itself is a revision control system developed for open source software projects.

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This lets you download the entire repository as a ZIP file. We regularly compile the files in the repository into PDFs. If you do that, you can not only keep your copy in sync with the master repository, but also easily contribute your own improvements and additions back to us.

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Do one of the following: To save the project as a file package containing project assets: select the Organize my project as: Package button. With either a project package or folder, you can choose to copy audio files and other assets in the project or reference them in another location.

To download these PDFs, go to builds.

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