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The play that reflects the life and all of Shakespeare? Analysis Of Miranda 's ' The Tempest ' Essay - An individual who is open to broadening their mind will constantly embark on stimulating journeys that will eventually lead them to new realizations of themselves and the world.

While one could argue that his actions represent a loyalty to Miranda which can be a difficult distinction to make: devotion to love or devotion to a loverFerdinand clearly demonstrates his loyalty to the concept in that he is never subservient to Miranda; such that even when Miranda begs him to cease his work, he refuses.

Although Prospero's treatment of Miranda, Ferdinand and the other characters is manipulative, the treatment of his inferiors is none more poignant than Prospero's treatment of Caliban and Ariel.

In the first scene we are introduced to the characters external to the island travelling from a wedding party on a ship. Prospero's judgements are liberated from the audience's criticisms as the play concludes with Prospero giving up his magic to return to Naples and be an improved ruler, relinquishes his domination of Miranda, Caliban regains his island and Ariel is freed from all constraints.

The son of a witch and the devil, Caliban did not have human companions until Prospero and Miranda washed up on his island. Yet, Miranda has been educated well at the hands of Prosperos. Trinculo, for example, remarks on the human tendency to ignore poverty and suffering in favor of paying money to laugh at circus freaks.

Many critics and readers of the play have interpreted Prospero as a surrogate for Shakespeare enabling the audience to explore first hand the ambiguities and ultimate wonder of the creative endeavour.

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