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Interestingly, vitamin C activity against M. Ethionamide inhibits mycolic acid synthesis. Strains matching a preexisting pattern in the database were identified with SIT number otherwise considered as orphans.

Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of study participants and their association with drug sensitivity patterns of M.

Spoligotyping makes use of the variability of the MTBC chromosomal direct repeat DR locus for strain differentiation as previously described [ 19 ]. The whole procedure involves a multiplex PCR amplificaton with biotinylated primers, and a reverse hybridization.

Of which, 91 Hybridized DNA was detected by the enhanced chemiluminescence method.

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The mutations of the pncA gene are scattered along this genomic region, and it is the main mechanism of pyrazinamide resistance. It has been described as the only bactericidal agent against M.

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Descriptive statistics were used to depict the demographic variables. The Zone consisted of 10 districts and inhibited by 2, people.

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Spoligotype patterns of M.

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