Pest analysis on iphone

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For example, the high economic growth rates of Asian countries are opportunities for Apple to increase its revenues through sales in these foreign markets. Its supply chain is quite complex and spread virtually all over the world.

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In case China decides to apply stricter labor laws and raises the minimum wages, production costs could still grow for Apple.

This could lead to increased prices for Apple products.

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The growing nationalism and anti-Americanism can result in the reduced market share of iPhone 5 in countries like China. These external strategic factors indicate growth potential for the corporation and its competitors, especially large multinational firms like Samsung.

The income inequality is one major issue in US which calls for the high corporation taxes for the company. The company has strategic measures to adjust its operations and technological products to respond to these ecological trends.

Another large factor is the music industry, it has grown into the cyber world. Similarly the cloud friendly devices and applications are now need of the day. Web piracy is a threat but most countries punish and have laws against this.

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Apple PESTEL Analysis