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It is a time of great possibility and progress for the use of technology to support learning. Section 5: Infrastructure Ensure students and educators have broadband access to the Internet and adequate wireless connectivity, with a special focus on equity of access outside of school.

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It should be noted that the committee does not endorse any specific model or curricu- lum; rather we hope to convey that the research-based principles described in this report should guide choices about development of early childhood mathematics curriculum and instruction. Vocational education teach- ers and administrators can shift the responsibility for failing to teach students who are not competent in the basic skills to other parts of the school system; in fact, teachers of academic and general education most often have not wanted vocational teachers to assume responsibility for teaching basic educational skills.

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Beginning with the building of physical models, this approach develops abstract symbol system-based models, such as algebraic equations or geometry-based solutions. Education needs to provide children with sufficient mastery of the details of particular subject matters so that they have a foundation for further exploration within those domains. We acknowledge that our approach will meet with immediate and strong opposition from some quarters. Our third concern is access to high-quality vocational education pro- grams, particularly for economically or educationally disadvantaged stu- dents. As Chapter 2 noted, vocational education institutions in the United States on the whole are highly varied, contain an extraordinary range of points of decision, and have a considerable capacity to adapt to change. Postsecondary schools and proprietary institutions and now the more advanced high-school programs are upgrading their offerings in these areas. Collaborative ventures, by their very nature, are voluntary and will be effective only if all the individuals involved are committed to the endeavor and are active, contributing participants. At a time when many newly industrializing countries are upgrading the capabilities of their peoples at an unprecedented rate and when older industrial nations, now fully recovered from the effects of World War II, are challenging the technological predominance of the United States, the qualities and capaci- ties of the American work force cannot be allowed to deteriorate. As noted previously, effective mathematics curricula use a variety of instructional approaches and should incorporate opportunities for children to extend their mathematical thinking through play, exploration, creative activities, and practice. Transfer of Learning A major goal of schooling is to prepare students for flexible adaptation to new problems and settings.

Some require relatively small investments of money or Conclusions and Recommendations 71 equipment, but all require a sizable investment of people's time and energy. Author s : Dr P.

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The teaching-learning paths can provide the basis for curriculum and can be used by teachers to assess where each child is along the path. Wherever feasible the employers and education coordinators should make arrangements that enable students to work alongside other employees so that they see what full-time paid employment is really like.

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To understand the digital divide better and progress toward bridging it, researchers, state and local officials, and district administrators should work in concert with one another to test connectivity speeds in schools and homes and to identify the kinds of devices to which educators and students have access and the ratios of devices to users within education institutions. Paradoxically, the fragmentation seems most severe in comprehensive high schools, which house academic, general, and voca- tional education programs. Some unions are working to modify apprenticeship systems, but progress is slowed by competing demands for the personnel and financial resources necessary to make the required changes. The mathematical process goals should be integrated in these content areas. The committee gave more limited attention to how to increase support for mathematics in informal settings. An increasing response to the individual pathways of students necessitates the need for greater coordination between the educational, social and business programmes available for students and their families. In many respects, these dimensions are consistent with the 10 characteristics of quality teaching identified in Alton-Lee's best evidence synthesis. The pattern of underachievement across the schools in this evaluation reflects the central focus on designing a school curriculum and having systems that work for each student enrolled at the school. Pay structures for high-school teachers vocational or other generally do not differentiate pay levels by field or competence.
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