Sample answer continuous writing about money

Narrative Composition.

The power of money essay

I heard my opponent talking about improved medical facilities and about modern technology. He was very sad to see the sister. A lot of things require borderless communication; in the education field, businesse and even daily activities, especially when border are involved. You look at those buildings and you feel happy, they are better than the traditional huts made of leaves where our forefathers lived. When she walked into the class I dared not look at her. Then there is the need to outline and organize the points according to the order of importance. What a calamity! I do not get straight As but I like to think of myself as a very intelligent person. Use sensory details to reveal the events and to get the reader involved. Watch it, that man, who appears to be an incurable failure at work may not be lazy, may indeed be zealously hard-working. The availability of electricity has given us access to fan, air-conditions and so on to cool ourselves during harsh hot weather. Electricity had made life far easier and better to live than during the time of our forefathers.

The fridge is there, radio to listening to news and music, the television to watch live programmes, listening to news and so on and so forth. There is no other means of transportation other than trekking. How I wish we could return to the time of our forefathers when life was more meaningful.

All these forms of transportation make like more interesting and easier compared with that of our forefathers. The language of argumentative essay is usually a polished one. Five choices will be given and students are normally given the following types of essays:narrative, descriptive, argumentative, reflective or factual.

Sample answer continuous writing about money

Life is uncertain and the amount of time we get in life is predefined and limited. In Oyeleye, L. A number of polar explorers have used dog trains to pull the sledges which glide smoothly on ice. He is one man who would have remained down there at the bottom of the pit had he given up. I have done it before and I know how happy they are when together we finish a project. I hated every moment of it until, a young man not much older than me walked into the room. Chairman, panel of judges, co-debaters, ladies and gentleman.

It was a cool September morning. I may have two types of intelligence or even more. I normally started on my homework at 3pm and took my tea break at 4.

argumentative essay about money

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Spm English Paper 1 Continuous Writing About Money