Short descriptive writing activities

You can do one, a combination of a few or all of the activities, depending on the time you have and the interest of your students. Next, hide a bell, rattle, squeaky cat toy, or other noise-making items in a box or bag.

But how about this: The sweet, burnt scent of roasting peppers hung in the air. Writing to learn across the curriculum and the English teacher.

Making thinking visible: A method to encourage science writing in upper elementary grades. This is a great way to help them identify weak, unimaginative descriptions. The sentences should be rather basic and lacking description.

Oh, and One More Thing… So you want to engage your students with fun material?

short descriptive writing activities

Encourage students to share as many adjectives as they can think of. Most of the time, students get into the habit of describing only what can be seen.

descriptive writing format

Collect the writing and pictures. Set a word minimum or maximum limit as needed and encourage them to be as descriptive as possible. You can make an anchor chart as you go or just have students create their own observation notes as you analyze the text. Characteristics of descriptive writing 1.

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Writing Descriptive Paragraphs for English Learners