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The Colosseum is a huge Roman architectural achievement and the fact that it is still standing today only amplifies the importance of this structure.

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These are wonderful works, which deserve to be much better known; however, they are a rare intrusion into an otherwise secular narrative. The Colosseum is the highest amphitheater of its kind in the world.

Web 4 Apr. Mueller, Tom. With various recipes of concrete mixes, Rome developed arch designs in many of their architectural structures found in the Roman society To keep their restless citizens appeased they built the massive and complex Colosseum to hold games in, and in order to maintain the cities infrastructure and justice the expansive and beautifully decorated Roman forums were built.

With their obsession of power and glory, it is no wonder that the crowds are fickle enough to change "allegiance" to whichever group of gladiators is winning the battles at the moment as seen in the battle between the charioteers and the slave gladiators in the movie.

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The Colosseum, also known as the flavian amphitheater was built of travertine stone from the quarries of Albulae. The ludi meridiani, or midday games, was the time when criminals, barbarians, prisoner of war, and other unfortunates were executed.

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It is still being done today and probably will still be done in the future. While the Colosseum is a major tourist attraction today, back when the Roman Empire ruled it was a place of fighting, blood, and death. Unlike other buildings in Balboa Park, the Speckles Organ Pavilion has a unique blend of ancient Roman and western architecture It is not surprising that this is a form of spectacle we have not seen either before or since the Romans. The triumphal arch would become the most common one of these with over 50 of them in Rome alone. This particular scene, which runs for approximately 5 minutes, is the aftermath of the fight scene between Maximus, the betrayed general, and Commodus, the jealous emperor who betrayed him. The very first emperor of Rome, Augustus, initiated social reform through the construction of buildings from 27 BC onwards. Euros are used in 23 different countries Well the Colosseum was the only way where people from Rome, Italy were able to go for entertainment. One major amphitheatre is the Colosseum. The Colosseum was one of the largest amphitheaters in the Roman Empire with seating for more than 50, spectators and for both the noble and common man History. Although a large percentage of combatants were conquered peoples, slaves or criminals, a number of free men decided to fight.

What is the Roman Colosseum. It was called the Colosseum for the great statue of Nero nearby named Colossus. Still, today, the Roman Colosseum is a large tourist attraction, thousands of tourists from all over the world still come to view this marveled arena.

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Along with this, there would be a small amount of sand on the flooring of the room to give a better feel for the art in the room and provide some extra aspects of realism.

Many of these buildings and other assorted structures, although they were built around years ago, are still standing and even in use.

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