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Another although less common consequence of a breakdown is that the individuals are stimulated to try to improve their possibilities for communicating with one another. This study attempts to take a snapshot of the current status of curriculum development in intercultural communication and education in Great Britain, Europe, and the U.

To investigate what attitudes people in a certain culture have toward these phenomena, one can consider at least two approaches that complement each other. Without this shared language people will have difficulties comprehending messages. I fully agree with this statement, I cannot always show the ability to establish and support necessary, following from the standing tasks, contacts with other people.

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A teacher, for example, has a somewhat different role in Sweden and in Turkey. I like to explore interesting information about other countries that on some steps approaches me to life of people who are on another continent.

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In doing international business, it is crucial that we speak and understand the common language. Maintaining a general level, however, the following areas can be mentioned: 1. First it means a large group of people and what they have in common, e. Teachers also shared narratives about their experiences teaching intercultural communication in those specific geographical, institutional and cultural contexts within which they research and teach. Another factor has to do with the type of situation. They can speak about what they like, for as long as they like and in the way in which they like. The meanings we give to events shape our world and fulfill our expectation. These merge area known as psychosocial factors. Differing languages can dramatically affect intercultural communication between individuals due to language barriers however, due to some individuals uneducated and ignorant understanding of differing languages, it can also have other, more serious and negative consequences such as racism and discrimination of others. Also, gaining huge amount of knowledge from every part around the world is provided by computer networks.

Leave-taking The number of activities included and the order in which they come can vary depending upon specific characteristics of the counselor and the person seeking advice as well as the relation between them.

Presently handshake isn't an indispensable condition of a greeting, though it is used very often. I assume that I can unite the experience and experiences of the other person.

Misunderstandings are nearly always the product of a combination of some or all of the factors mentioned above. Culture, however, is a subordinated category.

Key questions about intercultural communication Snapshots are powerful. In this paper I intend to deal with the concept of communication, especially non-verbal communication and its features in communicating a message when it happens between different cultures.

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The student was very upset and went to the office to complain. To investigate what attitudes people in a certain culture have toward these phenomena, one can consider at least two approaches that complement each other. Physical space is a basic consideration. Lustig, M. The lack can, if it is a conscious, lead to an attempt to do something about it, such as to say that you have not understood or to ask for an explanation. Culture can be transmitted from past and to the future means that culture can be passing down to generations. In particular, the conveyance of information from dissimilar cultures enabling an awareness of cultural relativism thus allowing citizens to be knowledgeable of how these rights and responsibilities are discerned in other cultures. Critical intercultural communication scholars Judith Martin and Thomas Nakayama suggest that highlighting the intersection of culture and power is at the heart of critical studies. In most cultures, religion has traditionally offered an explanatory and legitimizing framework for human behavior. I guess that I have a curiosity to find out about other cultures in order to be able to interact better with people with other cultural heritage.
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