The development of the three personality types identified by horney

Looking for a simple way to locate our personality type in The Enneagram.

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Since Eights believe they are bigger than the world, they move with an instinct of power against people. The Aggessive Type scale revealed factors of malevolence, power, and strength. The withdrawing numbers in the Enneagram are the Four, Five, and Nine.

She used this threefold typology throughout her subsequent work.

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Bennett, J. They engage with others instead of disengaging.

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They pursue their long-term goals by directly changing the environment. The withdrawing types 5,9,4 have a preferred behavior of moving away from people to enhance their sense of personal worth. On their downside, Threes can get caught up in Type-A behavior where they over-work themselves and their team, raising the bar of competition along with their blood pressure.

If anxiety predominates, the sense of helplessness and fear prevails. On their high side, Ones have an idealistic vision of how people and situations could be and they desire to move reality from where it is to where it has the potential to be.

Points Eight, Nine, and One are found here.

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Horney's Theory of Neurotic Needs