The irish language in 2013

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It is taught as a second language L2 at second level, to native L1 speakers and learners L2 alike. Although a consultation document on the matter was published in , the restoration of devolved government by the Northern Ireland Assembly later that year meant that responsibility for language transferred from London to Belfast. Forbairt Feirste work with the business sector across Belfast to promote the Irish language in the business sector and have been very successful in Nationalist areas. The policy document is the first time the State and Department of Education have recognised the different linguistic needs of Gaeltacht primary and second-level L1 Irish-speaking students. However, the Census data provides limited information on the extent to which the Irish language is used. This policy was the cause of disapproving comment by many Irish language activists before the election. In addition Connacht and Ulster speakers tend to include the "we" pronoun rather than use the standard compound form used in Munster, e. However, it should be pointed out that all of these latter songs are translations from the English and not original compositions.

The paper is no longer produced due to a decision by Foras na Gaeilge to cease funding it in late The evidence furnished by placenames, literary sources and recorded speech indicates that there was no Leinster dialect as such.

The study was funded by Foras na Gaeilge and prepared by Dr.

The irish language in 2013

While the inter-generational transmission of language attitudes and language use within the family context is important, it needs to be supported by the education system and having opportunities to use the language in other social contexts. Ulster Irish sounds quite different from the other two main dialects.

The question provoked a public debate, with some expressing resentment of what they saw as the coercion involved in compulsory Irish. Periodicals[ edit ] Irish has an online newspaper called Tuairisc. Lead author Dr. The profile of Irish speakers in the two jurisdictions is different: Irish is more likely to be spoken by younger people in the Republic and Catholic respondents in Northern Ireland.

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A copular construction involving ea "it" is frequently used. Fine Gael now places primary emphasis on improved teaching of Irish, with greater emphasis on oral fluency rather than on the rote learning that characterises the current system.

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The point was made again in April by Fine Gael's education spokesman Brian Hayes , who said that forcing students to learn Irish was not working, and was actually driving young people away from real engagement with the language. It was recommended, therefore, that training and living for a time in a Gaeltacht area should be compulsory for teachers of Irish. Several magazines are published in the language. Fair enough. Support for the Irish language Governments in both jurisdictions have provided legislative protection to the Irish language. In Northern Ireland, 11 per cent of the population claimed to have some knowledge of Irish. He says that for Protestants to embrace Irish, it needs to be freed from its divisive past.
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