The issues in the process of foreign language teaching and learning

During the Orientation Period, students take part in a series of socialization tasks in order to get to know each other while learning how to use the virtual campus sending internal mails, opening and sending attachments, read on-line articles etc.

problems faced by students in learning english language pdf

In this way the programme's practical focus encourages you to: Reflect on and interpret the relation between theory and practice.

The course methodology has been tried and tested, reflecting the expertise acquired over the years, both in the field of distance education and in the field of TEFL, and it is thus of the highest standard.

Grammatical problems in writing is another problem teachers face in teaching English language. The promotion of critical reflection is one of the aspects, which define the very nature of the project, and bridges the gap between a solid theoretical knowledge and its required practical application.

difficulties in learning english as a second language pdf

Your course tutor s will mark your assignments, and you will receive detailed feedback on your work through the Virtual Campus.

Whichever the case, those students who have no means to access the Internet, will still be provided with a password and a username, in the event that they should get an opportunity to connect.

The Virtual Campus provides you with the means to exchange opinions and experience with students and tutors alike by means of the discussion lists, the VC e-mail and the Coffee Shop a space provided for you to interact with the whole student communityconsult the Events Calendar, where you can find information on which EFL events are taking place all over the world, and you also have the possibility to participate in the on-line chats and debates that are held for each subject and that will, without doubt, prove to be an enriching and useful experience.

This guide also explains the functioning of the Virtual Campus; a tool we strongly recommend in order for you to get the most out of the courses and to make the learning experience a collaborate one despite being done in distance mode.

Apply the knowledge and skills gained in the programme in a continuing process of improving your own teaching and your students' learning. Textbooks and in-class material instructing students on the fundamental aspects of the English language and proper grammar can be stilted and very unrealistic in terms of dialogue examples.

The Virtual Campus is a complement to the actual learning experience in that it provides access to a number of additional resources such as the course materials, bibliography, recommended web sites, self-evaluation and feedback, glossaries, etc.

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Problems Facing Teaching and Learning of the English Language