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But on the other hand, the back window rolls down. Switchgear has a heft reminiscent of an older era of work-focused sport-utes. The options list includes a power moonroof and running boards. This means the body is mounted to a relatively rigid frame.

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It also allows for freer airflow in the cabin, and dogs typically love it as well that big boxy area is also particularly dog friendly. Old-school 4WD Most 4Runner trims run an old-school part-time 4x4 system with a two-speed transfer case that pairs a set of low-range gears for extreme conditions and a high range for normal driving.

On the other hand, should you compare it to a Jeep Wrangler or older truck-based SUVs, the 4Runner will be quiet, comfortable and handle surprisingly well. All 4Runners get Hill-start Assist Control, which holds it in place on steep pitches as the driver moves her foot from the brake pedal to the gas pedal.

The standard power driver seat offers plenty of adjustment, while the back seat is mounted at a nice height, it reclines and should provide plenty of space for a rear-facing child seat. That's not the case with the 4Runner.

Hill start assist control is standard with all 4Runners and models with 4WD also have standard downhill assist control.

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Yes, it is thirsty 18 combined mpg and pokey in 7. That said, we also love the 4Runner and understand why you might as well. This is a serious off-roader, yet when compared to other such vehicles it's surprisingly comfortable and genuinely large inside.

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