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Men are better at mentally rotating shapes; women are better at visual memory. Among baby vervet monkeys, the males even prefer to play with trucks and the females with other kinds of toys! She goes through.

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In his book, The Blank Slate, and again today, Steve argued that social forces are over-rated as causes of gender differences. Also, the topic of possible sex differences is of great scientific interest. The conclusions that Maccoby and Jacklin drew in the early s are well supported by research since that time. Believe me, being the Bobby Riggs of cognitive science is not my idea of a good time. When items are selected for inclusion in standardized intelligence tests, items that show an advantage for either males or females are either discarded during test construction or balanced with items that show an equal advantage for the other sex. At the cutoff, the ratio nowadays is 7 males to 1 female. Recently, many researchers have challenged the gender bias in the existence of aggressive behaviors and have broadened the definition of aggression. This is such a crucial point that I have to discuss it in some detail. Here is an example of the average SAT mathematical scores, showing a point difference in favor of men that's pretty much consistent from to But if we want to change the world we must first understand it, and that includes understanding the sources of sex differences. Now why is there a discrepancy with grades?

It is society, not nature, that tells us girls should favour arts and humanities and leave maths and physics to the boys. There are obvious political colorings to it, and I want to begin with a confession of my own politics. These differences have, to a certain extent, put black mens in the environment at a disadvantage because of their perceived inferiority to the world, mainly due to historical gender inequalities, discrimination of racism.

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So which job are we going to pick, to decide who has more mathematical talent? I don't think we can know that now.

The study resulted in data that confirmed the hypothesis that men and women do not have any significant differences in spiritual well-being.

Some believe that behavioural differences between men and women are mostly due to cultural influences, while others argue that sex differences are largely determined by biology.

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A major part of gender differences involves woman continuously being treated as inferiors to men in many ways. Most kids are somewhere in between: they have figured out the first two symbols, or the first three, and so forth. Over the past century many researchers have studied the gender differences in personality and many theories have been stated.

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Male brain vs female brain: How do they differ?