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Language Learning, 48 3 Data Analysis Descriptive statistics was calculated to see the overall patterns of vocabulary learning strategies used by the students. Use a dictionary to check the words. Electronic journal of foreign language teaching.

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Introduction Vocabulary is an essential component in learning language. The students reported that the determination strategies were the most frequently used strategies and social strategies were the least used strategies Paul Chi Hong Lip, ; and Nirattisai, There have been many taxonomies of vocabulary learning strategies proposed by researchers, for example, OxfordSchmittNation I remember words by doing group work activities in class COG SOC General conclusions about vocabulary learning strategies A combination of general language-learning strategies and vocabulary-specific studies sheds light on some tentative general conclusions about vocabulary learning strategies cf.

In short, these studies suggest a threshold size of around 2, high-frequency words for effective basic language use and a vocabulary size of 3, to 5, words for successful text comprehension. Gu, Y.

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Definitions and Research into vocabulary learning strategies Nation points out, that vocabulary learning strategies are a part of language learning strategies which in turn are a part of general learning strategies.

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