Why is gatsby to blame for his own death

Free Arnold Rothstein, F. Simply stated, because Nick believes that Daisy—like other women—has limited options, he does not hold her accountable for her actions.

what role does daisy play in gatsbys downfall

I am done. He aids in his own death by not accepting his past. But she didn't.

tom blaming gatsby for myrtles death

It was Tom's fault that Jay got killed. Free F. Daisy should have stopped the car immediately after she hit Myrtle, but instead she kept on driving, even increasing her speed. Indeed, Daisy never questions the concept that her only choices are among suitors.

The Roaring Twenties was a time of change and a chance to pave a path for the person you wanted to become. Scott Fitzgerald, that has had a great impact on its characters.

If Myrtle never got hit, then Wilson would have had no reason to kill Gatsby.

she caused the whole problem by killing myrtle

Nick showed just enough emotion and judgment throughout the complete novel to be considered an active and non-omniscient character.

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AP Language and Composition Blog: Who was responsible for Gatsby's death.