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After the war several German officers indicated that if the reoccupation of the Rhineland had been opposed, it would have meant the end of Hitler's regime. Germany entered the war with a relatively poor army, but with superior numbers of tanks and aircraft, including some of the best machines in existence at that time.

This led to German complaints that the aim was "to get the whole administration of the country, as far as possible, into Czechoslovak hands.

By October 1, the country had been completely overrun with some Polish units escaping to Hungary and Romania. Like their cousins the Turks, they had destroyed much and created nothing.

Again, no one stopped them. Why did they rearm and start a war? Not wanting to become involved in another major war, Britain and France avoided intervening and sought a resolution, with little success, through the League of Nations.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. This situation was made worse by the onset of the Great Depression.

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As a young Austrian, Spitzy was incensed at the treatment of his own country and of Germans in general at the Paris Conference and afterwards. Heavily reinforced by Nazi atrocities, this legend is now deeply entrenched. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. In the world quickly went from a time of peace and growth, and dove into what is now known as World War II. Massing their armies along the Polish border, the Germans staged a fake Polish attack on August 31, But Anschluss was forbidden by the terms of the Treaty as was the use of "German-Austria" as the name of the new country. What aggressive acts were taken by the dictators of the 's? The Nuremberg Laws outlawed interracial marriages, restricted property rights, and barred Jews from the civil service, the universities, and all professional and managerial occupations. A quarantine of the lawless, a quarantine of those that threaten world peace. In fact, the second largest national group was the Germans. But this ideological stratagem did not begin with the now pervasive demonization of the white race.

In November, the government started printing new marks called Rentenmarks, which simply lopped off all of the zeros from what the old money was worth. At this point Hitler cannot be ignored and England and France declare war on Germany.

Unemployment was down, productivity was up, and life was returning to normal for Aryan Germans. He felt he had little choice but to comply. Once released from prison, Hitler successfully persuaded the German government to lift the ban on the Nazi party, and then turned his energies to gaining political power through legal means.

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Protests to the League from the German minorities got nowhere: League mediators "almost always recommended accepting the promises of member governments to mend their ways. The Anschluss Emboldened by Great Britain and France's reaction to the Rhineland, Hitler began to move forward with a plan to unite all German-speaking peoples under one "Greater German" regime. With no Communist party meetings to disrupt, the stormtroopers became aimless and would sometimes riot through the streets after a night of drinking. Martin's, , among other works. This policy and pact brokered by British PM Neville Chamberlain was called appeasement and clearly failed as discussed above. In Austria, when the war ended, the Constituent Assembly that replaced the Habsburg monarchy voted unanimously for Anschluss, or union with Germany; in plebiscites, the provinces of Salzburg and the Tyrol voted the same way, by 98 percent and 95 percent, respectively. At this point Hitler cannot be ignored and England and France declare war on Germany. He was wrong. The process of meeting that rather formidable challenge began in Paris, in January , where the leaders of "the Allied and Associated Powers" gathered to decide on the terms of peace and write the Covenant of the League of Nations. Can we just easily dismiss Adolf Hitler as an evil madman? Early on in Paris, there were disquieting signs that the Allies were violating the terms of surrender.
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