Writing action research projects

Common data collection methods include observation of individual or group behavior, taking audio or video recordings, distributing questionnaires or surveys, conducting interviews, asking for peer observations and comments, taking field notes, writing journals, and studying the work samples of your own and your target participants.

Connections to the Literature The research question you are exploring is tied to other research that's already been done on this question. However, this does not forbid using an academic writing style, which undeniably enhances the credibility of a report. Instead of using the formal style of scientific research, you may find it more suitable to write in the first person and use a narrative style while documenting your details of the research process.

Collects data on students in three different classes. Uses extensive quotes.

types of action research

Terrell Noteworthy aspects of this project: Comparative study between two experimental groups who did receive the instructional intervention and two control groups who did not receive the intervention.

Students increasingly bring more problems into the classroom; parental and societal expectations keep increasing; and financial cutbacks make it clear that today's teachers are being asked to do more with less. The wisdom that informs practice starts coming from those doing the work, not from supervisors who oftentimes are less in touch with and less sensitive to the issues of teaching and learning than the teachers doing the work.

examples of action research in schools

Professional work, on the other hand, is expected to be complex and nonroutine, and will generally require collaboration among practitioners to produce satisfactory results. It can be done in any professional field, including medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, and education.

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